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 Blake Is God

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PostSubject: Blake Is God   Thu Jul 28, 2011 11:13 pm

Blake Lonzo
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Trainer Class: Trainer



Blake was your average looking 18 year old these days. His eyes were of a faded amber color with a weird white pupil instead of the usual black. His hair is of a blonde but rather darkish in a crispy gold tone with spikes coming from around the top and 2 spikes coming down on the sides and more coming down from the back. His skin is rather dark but still of a baige tone. His regular attire consist of a white beater undershirt and a indigo blue jacket with white fur around the hood. He wears black cargo pants with pockets on each side near the knee area which seem to be somewhat faded. His footwear consist of white and blue converse with a black striping on the bottom. Attached to his pants is a diamond chain that connects from the golden belt which holds up the pants of Blake. He wears a 1 strapped pull over bag that has a baige holder piece almost the same color of his skin tone. The bag itself is baige and indigo blue in a stripe pattern. Around his neck his his first pokeball which he used to catch Totodile. Inside of the bag is the signature swimming trunks of Blake which are indigo blue with 2 pockets near the very bottom of the trunks. These pockets have a pattern which look like 2 pokeballs, along with his all white opened toe'd slippers.


The personality of Blake is rather unique then most seeing how growing up the way he did had no effect on him at all. He is your average 18 year old male, sarcastic and funny. His jokes normally get him into alot of trouble but he doesn't really mind because he is all about the next part of his life. He can be the friend you have been looking for or the person that you hate the most. While it may not seem like it Blake is rather scary when it comes to fighting because his personality changes drastically. He starts plotting out his next move and what not by letting his opponent take the lead just to get the just of his abilities.

When hyper Blakes personality changes drastically. He is always talking and doing it as a super fast rate. The anger of his in this stage is rather funny because he doesn't really know what he is angry about nor what had brought this on. While like this Blake likes to train with Totodile or punch a tree. Most people wouldn't know this but Blake will do backflips once in the blue while like this.


Born and raised in the kanto region was Blake. Not much of his life was fun except for the fact his mother was a famous millionaire tv personality. She would travel the world for time on end leaving Blake home with his nanny most of the time. Blakes father is part of team rocket and is one of their commanding officers. One day Blakes mother decided that it was time she got remarried and this is how Blake found his step father. A man named Nendo. This man was a legendary trainer who had actually won the sinnoh league many years ago. This man would inspire Blake to become a great trainer and follow in his footsteps.

Now he was 10 years old actually able to start his journey. Blake was happy that he could actually go out and do what he has wanted to do since he was in diapers. He had no pokemon yet but he still wanted to get one. He would actually ask his stepfather for help. The man told Blake in return to start his journey in 8 years. This was something Blake did not want. He wouldn't be able to start his journey like everyone else he would start late but he would have experience. This was something Blake would indeed agree on. Upon his answer his stepfather Nendo took him to his personal gym under the family mansion.

Things were actually getting serious. Upon going downstairs into the gym it was beautiful it consisted of all 4 elements but on different scales. Blake didn't know how he could fight without a pokemon but that would be solved by his stepfather Nendo. He pointed Blake towards a whole bunch of glass tanks which appeared to whole a bunch of eggs. Blake walked over to them and began to look around. As he was looking at one egg with a cresent moon shape on it he knocked over 1. His reflexes were able to let him catch the egg. This was a sign this egg was ment for Blake and he would take it. For the next year Blake would lock himself inside the gym with his egg. He went through heat water and snow. Finally 1 day the egg hatched and was a totodile. This was on the minute of Blakes 11th birthday. This was actually weird for a pokemon and its tamer to have the same birthday. Now things were serious. For the next 7 years Blake and Totodile would train with Nendo.

7 Years later Blake was now 18 and his totodile was rather strong. They both seemed to be happy as it was time for them to set off on their journey. Blakes mother came to wish him off as he said his farewells to Nendo. It was time for Blake to finally go to the Katsu region and get into the katsu league and win it. As Blake got on the cruise him and Totodile looked back at his parents and waved them goodbye as the ship sailed off. Upon arriving in Katsu region Blake met a man named Niiro. This man seemed to be rather strange but strong. Blake and Totodile tried to fight him but proved to be to weak. The man left Blake and told him to get stronger. Blake ran to the hospital with Totodile in his hands knowing they had to get stronger if they want to become the champs.


Pokemon: Totodile
Gender: Male
Level: 5
Moves: Leer,Scratch
Ability: Torrent
Personality: Totodile is Blakes right hand man and he feels the same way about Blake vice versa. He doesn't like people talking to him unless they are talking about fighting except for Blake. Niiro is on Totodiles to bite list and will eventually attack the man and his pokemon on sight.
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PostSubject: Re: Blake Is God   Thu Jul 28, 2011 11:35 pm

No he's not, but approved

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Blake Is God
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