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 Rorrik Reinhalt

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PostSubject: Rorrik Reinhalt   Sun Jul 31, 2011 3:00 am

Rorrik Reinhalt
Trainer Class:Trainer


Personality: Rorrik is rather distant from others. He is always willing to travel aside another person, but he always prefers to travel alone. He always keeps out his main partner pokemon from its pokeball. He loves strong and powerful pokemon and aswell as enjoying to learn different things about pokemon. He dislikes weak pokemon and normally laughs at them.

History: Rorrik was the son to a retired Researcher. He grew up learning from his father. Every day was almost the same as Rorrik and his dad went through studies. That is, until there was one day that his dad went out for his daily patrol to study pokemon. Even though he was retired, he still enjoyed examining pokemon and their life-styles. He was out longer than the two hours he normally took. Both him and his mother got worried for him. They waited for a few more hours, only to finally see his father running towards the gate up ahead. It was night time by the time he got back. Rorrik was relieved to see his father. But he saw his dad carrying something. It was small, green and resting in his fathers arms. When his dad came up to the house and ran inside, setting up a small bed, he placed what he was carrying down. It was a Scike. Its injuries seemed rather serious.

Rorrik didn't like the sight of this pokemon at first, it seemed pretty weak at its injured state. He ran into his room and went to bed. His room was the closest to the room that the Scike was resting in. At one point during the night, he heard slight grunts. He could only come up what it was coming from. He stands up out of his bed and walks towards his door slowly, only to creak it open and look at what was happening. When he looked towards the Scike, he could see that it was struggling to stand up from the bed his dad made for it. The Scike obviously was determined to get back up on its feet and out back to the wild. It had a very well fighting spirit in it as Rorrik could tell that the Scike didn't want to call it quits yet despite how beat up it was. Rorrik smiled and walked to the Scike, only to pet it and let it get used to being around him. The two obviously were doing well with the other. Eventually, the Scike was too tired to struggle. It slowly walked towards Rorrik and walked onto his lap where it fell asleep.

Rorrik couldnt help but smile. He just sat there petting Scike until eventually he also fell asleep. His parents woke up and walked into the room to see that the two got along with each other. That day, Rorrik helped his dad take care of Scike. This went on for almost a week until Scike was all better. They went to release Scike back into the wild. Scike stood there for a while, deciding which to go. Rorrik stood there looking at it. The Scike made a friend. It couldn't think of any good reason to go back to the wild, and so, the Scike ran back to the family and chose to live with them. Rorrik and the Scike grew up together for another three years until finally Rorrik was old enough to go on his own journey.On his tenth birthday, he began packing clothes in his book-sack to travel on to the location of which he would go to meet the professor of this region. As soon as the party was over, he started making his way. Scike watched as he walked away, only to let out a yell of hesitation and then jumped high into the air forwards towards Rorrik, again letting out a yell. Rorrik turned around, only to be in the perfect position to catch Scike in his arms. Rorrik smiled as he now had his partner.


Moves:Quick Attack, Leer, Focus Energy.
Personality:Happy, willing to fight, tenacious/greatly determined, loyal to only Rorrik.
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PostSubject: Re: Rorrik Reinhalt   Sun Jul 31, 2011 3:05 am

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Rorrik Reinhalt
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