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 Kikii Mamimi

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PostSubject: Kikii Mamimi   Sun Jul 31, 2011 7:49 pm

Kikii Mamimi
Age: 17
Trainer Class: Breeder


Personality: She's a very sweet girl and loves everything! She does have
an evil side and becomes unpredictable when it's summoned. Her hobbies include
cooking, swimming, and *******

History: Kiki comes from a family of brilliant scientist. Unfortunately
she isn't one herself, however her brother is. For as long as she could remember
she had always wanted to be a pokemon groomer. So at age 17 she went to do as

When she left her father had given her a "special ditto". Her father said that
since she had always wanted to become a breeder that he had genetically modified
a ditto so once it breeds with a pokemon it will keep a "piece" of that pokemon
and will be able to produce an egg of that specific species.

Ex: Once it mates with a growlithe it can reproduce growlithe eggs naturally.
Same with all other pokemon.


Pokemon Ditto
Gender: .... Waht
Level: 5
Moves: Transform
Ability: Limber
Personality: It's a hoe
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PostSubject: Re: Kikii Mamimi   Sun Jul 31, 2011 7:50 pm

Approved even though i know nothing about Breeders

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Kikii Mamimi
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