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 Training/Leveling Rules

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PostSubject: Training/Leveling Rules   Fri Jul 15, 2011 12:14 pm

A system that allows members to train their pokemon outside of their current plot thread. That means you can have one training thread and one plot thread at the same time.

Battle Leveling

Level 1 - 25 ~~ 1 Battle per level
Level 26 - 50 ~~ 2 Battles per level
Level 51 - 75 ~~ 3 Battles per level
Level 76 - 100 ~~ 4 Battles per level

Training leveling

Level 1 - 25 ~~ 200+ Words per level
Level 26 - 50 ~~ 400+ Words per level
Level 51 - 75 ~~ 600+ Words per level
Level 76 - 100 ~~ 750+ Words per level

Battle+Battle= Fastest

The entire reason Training is a good idea, isn't because it would give an advantage to those with more 'creativity'- rather, it's created to get rid of a disadvantage that some people might have: if they weren't good at battling. It would be simply another option for trainers- making things less constricting on current and future members.

Training posts can have anything, be it your pokemon gets stolen and you have to fight with another to get him/her back, thus leveling up the one you're using or even just spawn random pokemon for your pokemon to battle. However, take note that if your pokemon beats a pokemon in a training post, it does not gain EXP because then people would just have pages upon pages of training posts spawning their own enemy pokemon and leveling up. The only way to gain a level through a training thread is meeting the required word count above.

Training with two people; Dual training

Things are easier if two people want to train together. If one person posts 300 words, and then the other posts 300 words, then both of them get 600 words in all. Yes, each post applies to both members participating in the training thread. For the sake of organization though, please post your word count at the end of every post if you're dual training.

However, to keep from making things too easy, this doesn't apply to 3+ members training together. If three people train together, or more, then the normal rules still apply, meaning the overall word count's results would be divided by three.

After making a training thread it must be approved by a Moderator or an Admin before changes are made.

Obedience Levels

In the games it has always been that for trainers once they acquire a badge then pokemon up to a certain level will obey them. This applies to the site as well and the first badge warrants obedience from pokemon level 20 and below, the second badge is level 30 and so on and so forth. If a pokemon is above the level that it will obey you at, then you can still use it but at a chance cost. This chance cost is that each time you command your pokemon to do something they have a chance to either execute the attack, do nothing, attack you, or use a different attack. This is a 1 in 4 chance and the mod of your topic will RNG (random number generate) for you, each time you command that pokemon to do something.

Badge 1: lvl 20
Badge 2: lvl 30
Badge 3: lvl 40
Badge 4: lvl 50
Badge 5: lvl 60
Badge 6: lvl 70
Badge 7: lvl 80
Badge 8: lvl 100

Now classes other than trainers cannot collect gym badges so they don't have to worry about obedience. Now then that's not to say that we won't be checking to make sure someone isn't feeding RCs into just one pokemon constantly. That's just boring, try to keep it fairly balanced and even. I mean a couple levels higher is no biggie but if you have a pokemon at level 40 and the rest below 20...someone might say something.
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Training/Leveling Rules
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