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 Zaku Shinkan

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PostSubject: Zaku Shinkan   Tue Aug 02, 2011 2:49 pm

Zaku Shinkan
Gender| Male
Age| 16
Class| Pokémon Coordinator

Personality| Zaku is a very well manner young adult, he is from a wealthy background and due to such an upbringing he is often referred to as being ‘posh’ or a ‘snob’. Only caring about himself and his own Pokémon. He is very self centered and has little friends, although once you get to know him and he considers you a friend, the situation becomes differed. He no longer comes across to them as a snob, but as a friendly, kind person who respects his friends.
His selfish ways often drives other away from him, but his Pokémon always remain loyal and he to them. He knows he would be nothing without his Pokémon so he gives them the upmost respect. Zaku has an high and wealthy type of humor, he would laugh at someone losing a battle or contest and not care for their feelings. His type of humor revolves around insulting those who are lower than himself, often when he wins or sees someone he knows win or lose. It can be hard for Zaku to make friends but he doesn’t care, he only cares for his own ambition. His own goal. To become the best Coordinator in the region and to win the Grande Festival.

History| Zaku was born to a rich and wealthy family from Goldenrod City. His family spoilt him in whatever he wished for, all that was required was that he asked politely and he was granted it. From an early age, Zaku had been inspired, interested and obsessed with Pokémon. He had attended the Goldenrod City Gym with his mother many times to watch it’s leader Whitney take on travelling trainers. His life was as any other rich kid, he got what he wanted, when he wanted it and all he did in return was that he did as he was told. He spoilt lifestyle carried on until he was aged 8, he had travelled to the Gym to see his cities Gym Leader take on a rather famous trainer around Goldenrod City.
Zaku sat in his first tier seat as he watched the battle commence. Whitney’s adorable Pokémon were no match for Neo’s Larvitar evolution line. The battle was a single battle consisting of three Pokémon each. Neo’s party held a Larvitar, a Pupitar and a Tyranitar. Seeing them destroy Whitney’s Pokémon began Zaku’s obsession ever more, it even provoked him to wine and constantly ask for his own Pokémon. His father complained and remarked that he was too young, too inexperienced for such a Pokémon. However, his mother being the one who gave in, eventually allowed Zaku to have his own Larvitar at age 11. It took three years to get the Pokémon he wanted, but he was eventually granted it. Although, at first it was merely an egg. Zaku nurtured it and cared for it, until it hatched into his favorite Pokémon.
Growing up with his Larvitar Zaku soon sparked a new interest. Contests. He had become obsession with a new goal he had set himself. To become a Coordinator. Not just any Coordinator, but only the best. However, his family couldn’t buy him that title, he had to work for it. The contests within Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Unova were extremely strong and no place for a rookie Coordinator to start out. However, there was one place. The Kaijo region, it was new and seemed perfect for Zaku. His parents after much arguing allowed him to pursue his dreams and purchased his boat ticket over there. Taking only his Larvitar and a small suitcase of clothes and necessary items. Not even any cash. Zaku arrived in the Kaijo region. Upon his arrival, he began his adventure with his Larvitar. He was heading to the contests.


Gender: Male
Level: 5
Moves: Bite, Leer, Sandstorm
Ability: Guts
Personality: Larvitar is too very spoilt and stuck up similar to Zaku. It is very arrogant and mirror’s Zaku’s movements and emotions. Larvitar is very loyal to Zaku and sometimes feels disrespected when Zaku shows his respect to anyone else. The Lavitar is very selfish.
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PostSubject: Re: Zaku Shinkan   Tue Aug 02, 2011 3:52 pm


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Zaku Shinkan
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