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 Breeding Rules

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PostSubject: Breeding Rules   Fri Jul 15, 2011 12:17 pm


Pokémon can be bred by leaving two Pokémon of the opposite gender, in the same egg groups, together for a certain amount of time.

Now most people going to the professor's will receive a pokedex, some pokeballs and if you need one, a starter pokemon. However, the breeder class also receives a nifty little thing called a breeding tent. This tent is used for breeding on the go when you don't want to deal with the hassle of the creepy old couple at the daycare. The breeder simply places the two pokemon that wish to fornicate in the tent and leave them for a set amount of time to do their business.

You can come back in 1 page of RP and they'll be done, and after 1 more page of RP, the female with produce an Egg. You can also make a training topic in which you need to have at least 750 words to produce an egg. This means if you do 1500 words, you get two eggs.

The following things come into play:

You only breed:
-Ditto x Any Pokemon
-Same Species x Same Species (Ex: Pidgey x Pidgey)
-Same evolution family x Same evolution family (Ex: Blaziken x Combusken)
-Same egg group x Same egg group (Ex: Swablu (flying) x Togetic (flying))

For a list of pokemon that require certain incense to breed their prevolutions, a site like Serebii.net or bulbapedia might help.

With hatching an egg, you have to have it in your Pokemon Party for 3 pages of RP. The egg will hatch, producing the species of whatever the female was, with any egg moves the pokemon might have acquired from its fother.

When the egg hatches, it will be up to the breeder to decide what the pokemon's moves are. However this does not mean you can give a psyduck baby flamethrower if it cannot learn flamethrower. The moves must be relative to the species and the FATHER, I repeat, FATHER, must have had those moves previously. Admins and mods will be checking to make sure there is no cheating.

- Moves in Baby's level up: Of both Parents
- TM moves: Father only
- Egg moves: Father only
- Move tutor moves: Cannot be bred, unless they're specifically counted as egg moves.

This means that the first two moves are moves learn by level up of both parents. If the Father knows a Eggmove and TM move that move is passed on to the baby too.

PM an admin for any other questions.
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Breeding Rules
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