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 Qilin Milestone

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PostSubject: Qilin Milestone   Wed Aug 03, 2011 3:36 pm

Qilin Milestone
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Trainer Class: Adventurer
Qilin is very casual when it comes to clothing. Standing to be about 6'1 in height and weighin about 180 pound the young Qilin is one that could be recognized form afar. His looks are stunning, even to a point where everyone always stare as he walks by. His hair color is blue, almost to black while his eyes are a green color. His eyes are always half opened, as if he was half a sleep whenever he speaks or walk around. His skin slightly tanned due to the over exposure to sun light when he travels. For his usual attire the young man wears long black pants, with several pockets around the side. His shirt he wears a tight grey shirt, that compress against his well built body. For his shoes he wears black steel ltoes leather boots for protectiong. being in such adventures he has quite gotten used to the hits he has taken during his explorations.Along his all black attire he wears a long jacket, that its length exceed far beyond the usual one, coming down to his knees and has a hoodie. This is either for cold temperatures or whenever he wants to cover his identity against others. The jacket itself is completely black, and thus have the blue design of a pokeball on the right side of the chest area. He tends to carry his pokemons along his belt hanging ready to be in use.

If its a sinlge word that can describe Qilin would be a leader. he always tend to tak ematte rinto his own hands, even with small pokemons that he posses he can do things he can't do with stronger ones. He preffers the stronger over the weak though. For that reason he trains his pokemons every day until he wishes to let them rest. He doesn't care about anyone around him, unless he need to use their skills for his own will and ideas. Unlike many trainers Qilin is used to traveling alot without the use of getting badges. And at this very moment he only likes to travel around the countries looking for the perfect being or pokemon to use to his desires. he is a very ambitious person and would use pretty much anything in hi sbag of tricks to obtain what he wants. He doesn't accept no for an answer when he is ordering people around, and would most likely end up in a battle where Qilin finishes them off.

His will to get stronger drives him, always accomplishing whatever he wants and whenever he wants it done. After long years of being a trainer, the young man decided to take on the biggest responsibility of all, and that is to rid pokemon from their masters and make them his own for his own purposes.

Long years had passed the first sight of the newborn baby Qilin. It was an unusual birth as the young man was born among several pokemons. His mother being the adventurer that Qilin now is was alwasy traveling, exploring new places even when she was carrying a baby in her insides. She ofcourse being traveling throughout the regions gave birth on a cave, a cave full of pokemons that not only watched the woman but supported her througgout the whole birth process. After several hour so fhard work and support tyhe woman went through, giving birth to the now named Qilin Milestone. Hoping that one day he would follow her footsteps and become the adventurer she used to be. Her life now ended in the career of an adventurer, now focused on this young baby's life she gave everything she could to him. Even the pleasure of being around pokemons since an early start.

Years passed and the young man was now 11 years old. And could now recieve his first pokemon and begin as a trainer. His first pokemon was ofcourse non other than his mom's starter Riolu whom he nicknamed after obtaining him shades because of the black rings that seem to surround his eyes. Much like a trainer he began to collecting badges, earning his way to the top, though he eventually got tired of being a trainer and decided he would pursue his real dream to meet every pokemon there was in the region. His mother deligthed to hear the good news turned to him and helped him achieve and learn the things she already knew. Sending him off to a journey of epic proportions for him to explore the giant wonders of the region.

Having heard his own mother's story and how she gave birth to him he made a new goal to himself, that is to ofcourse continue to release the pokemon form their trainers. Only allow those who truly desire their companionship to keep their pokemon.


Pokemon Bagon
Gender: M
Level: 5
Ability: Rock Head
Personality: Like many Bagons Qilin's bagon dream is to fly. And so this is only a goal he wishes to fulfill he would like to get as strong as possible with the help of Qilin's aid. Being the pokemon of Qilin he trains as hard a she can to impress his master.
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PostSubject: Re: Qilin Milestone   Wed Aug 03, 2011 5:19 pm


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Qilin Milestone
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