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 Suzumi, Emma

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Emma Suzumi

Emma Suzumi

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PostSubject: Suzumi, Emma   Thu Aug 04, 2011 5:16 pm

Emma Suzumi
Gender: Female
Age: 10
Trainer Class: Trainer


Emma is a young girl who has shoulder length black hair and blue eyes. She is only four foot three and weighs exactly seventy pounds. Emma definitely takes after her mother in her appearance, and her usual outfits consist of t-shirts and jeans. There are times when she is cold that she'll wear a coat or a sweatshirt, but she isn't a big fan of sweaters. Preferring to leave her hair hanging loose around her face, Emma will pin her hair up with a hair barrette to keep her hair out of her eyes.

Being only ten years old, Emma is still inexperienced when it comes to pokemon and boys. Boys confuse Emma and she doesn't really know why they like picking on her. Granted, she is a sensitive and caring little girl who seems to be almost empathic at times. What I mean by that is that she tries to and often can sympathize with the emotions and sorrows of others. She is the type of girl who likes to help people if she can, and who truly wants to be there for other people when they need her or if they need help.

As for the negative side of Emma's personality, she is very possessive. She doesn't like anyone touching, borrowing, or taking her things without her permission. At the present time she is learning to be independent now that she is going on her pokemon journey. In the past she has always depended and relied on her parents to get by. Now, however, she has to learn how to survive on her own with her pokemon, once she gets one. The prospect of leaving home scares her, yes, but it also excites her. She is the type of girl who likes to make new friends, and yes, she likes to see the different types of boys that are out there too.

Emma hasn't really done much as she is still just a child. She has been to school and learned about different types of pokemon and professions that involve pokemon, yes, but she hasn't had any first hand experience as a trainer yet. Emma is really excited about finally being old enough to go to the lab, get her first pokemon, and begin her journey, she just doesn't know which type of pokemon she wants yet. As a child in school, Emma always liked to color, read, and her favorite thing on the playground was the jungle gym she could climb on and hang upside down from. She's always been a bit shy and has never had many friends because of it. Her parents are hoping that during her journey she will become more confident in herself and that she'll make friends along the way.

At home, Emma loved to help her mom bake cookies and do the laundry. Growing up in a home where her father was an executive, he wasn't home a lot so she was always with her mother or her grandmother, learning about life. Emma's grandmother always took her shopping, out to eat, and Emma loved spending the summer holidays on her grandmother's Lavender Farm in the country. Her grandmother's farm was at the base of a mountain and her grandmother would always take her hiking up to the mountain when they wanted to watch the sunset or to show her the pokemon that lived there. The pokemon that her grandmother showed her that Emma liked most was the wild Pikachu, she thought they were cute and fun to watch as the small Pichu and Pikachu played together.

Now at ten years old, Emma's life is going to change forever. Like her parents before her, Emma is about to embark on her own journey with pokemon and not even she knows what challenges she'll face, what people she'll meet, or what pokemon she'll find. Eager to begin her journey, Emma had her backpack and supplies packed a week before her tenth birthday and the morning of her tenth birthday she was so excited she spilled her bowl of cereal, tripped over her mother's foot, and almost dropped her toothbrush in the toilet. By the time she was out the door and heading to the lab, her mother was already cleaning up a number of messes Emma had created in her excitement to get ready that morning and leave home to find out what pokemon the Professor might have waiting for her. Finally at the door to the Professor's lab, Emma raised her hand and knocked, a smile on her face.


Pokemon Growlithe
Gender: Male
Level: 5
Moves: Bite, Roar
Ability: Intimidate
Personality: A Pokémon with a loyal nature. It will remain motionless until it is given an order by its Trainer.
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PostSubject: Re: Suzumi, Emma   Thu Aug 04, 2011 5:23 pm

Looks good, APPROVED

Add $1000 to your inventory

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Suzumi, Emma
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