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 Trade Station Info

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PostSubject: Trade Station Info   Fri Jul 15, 2011 12:50 pm

Not much to say here, basically this is where two trainers come if they wish to trade pokemon with one another. It's simple really, one of you makes a topic that says what two pokemon are being traded. For example, Noctowl for Grovyle, as the title of the topic. Then you post the info of the pokemon you have and the other person posts the info of the pokemon they have and are trading. You then just have to get a mod/admin to approve the trade. After that, you copy the info about the pokemon you just acquired from the trade and presto change-o you have a new pokemon, congrats. However you now have to deal with the guilt and sleepless nights from the sadness in the pokemon's heart that you traded away you sick person. Kidding, kidding...but really they're heartbroken.
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Trade Station Info
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