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 Alaiya McGilicutty (Neon)

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PostSubject: Alaiya McGilicutty (Neon)    Mon Aug 08, 2011 3:09 am

Alaiya McGilicutty

Gender: Female
Age: 17
Trainer Class: Adventurer

Personality: Neon, which she prefers over her birth name, is almost always hyper, she can find even the smallest thing to be excited over. She likes to make friends and takes very good care of her companions. Unless provoked she prefers to stay away from battles, and likes to spend her time helping pokemon that are injured or in trouble.
There is a bit more to her personality though, you generally won't find her without her headphones on, blaring some kind of music into her ears. Depending on the type of music shes listening to, she will use different battle strategies and will be in different moods. I wouldn't say she has split personality disorder, but shes got many shades to her. Dispite her mood, she is always very clumsy and loves the colors of the rainbow. Her bandana is very important to her, and she is very good at handling difficult or stressful situations.

When she was little Alaiya went by her birth name, often hiding behind her older brother Milyan when confronted with strangers. One day while she was playing outside, Alaiya heard a strange cry from the woods. Whatever it was was in pain. She felt her heart speed up and ran to the forest, despite her mothers warnings of wild pokemon ringing in her ears. Soon she was lost, and had forgotten her mothers warning as she searched frantically for the source of the pained cry.

After about 10 minuets of runnin, Alaiya stumbled across a small orange fox like creature. She assumed this was a pokemon, like the kind her brother always talked about. The small creature looked up at her with fearful eyes and let out a small growl.

"Its okay!" she kept her voice soft as she slowly kneeled down and held her hand out to the creature. "Im a friend." The small fox like thing sniffed her hand and seemed to decide she was okay. With another soft cry it licked a wound on its leg where it had been caught in a trap."Oh you poor thing." she whispered as she swiftly removed it from its bonds and cradeled it close to her, careful of its injured foot. When she made it back to her house she ran inside and straight up to her brothers room. "Milyan! Milyan! Open the door!" She heard an aggrivated groan and the shuffle of feet before her brother opened the door.

"What do you want Alaiya?" He hadn't looked down at her yet, and was clearly irritated by the disturbance of his afternoon nap.

"Brother! I found one of those Pokemon things you always talk about and its hurt...we need to help it." Her brother stared down at her for a minuet before the words registered and he let her into his room.

"Thats a Vulpix Alaiya." He quietly got some bandages and some herbs from a cabinet and walked over to treat the injured Vulpix.

"Oh....a Vulpix?"

And from that day on Vulpix, later named Ember, stayed close to Alaiya, ushering her away from the woods and keeping her for the most part out of trouble. Though Ember couldn't protect her from her clumsiness.


Pokemon Vulpix
Gender: Female
Level: 5
Moves: Ember
Tail Whip
Ability: Flash Fire
Personality: Vulpix is very friendly when unprovoked and is very watchful of her trainer. She likes to eat berries and can often be found curled next to Neon's head to enjoy the music. She has been trained to adapt different styles by song title, but prefers techno music to any other when battling. When relaxing, you will sometimes see her stamp her foot 4 times, that lets Neon know that she wants a different genre of music.
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PostSubject: Re: Alaiya McGilicutty (Neon)    Mon Aug 08, 2011 10:10 am


Don't forget to go to the Professor to get your free starter kit.

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Alaiya McGilicutty (Neon)
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