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 Ryuu Odori

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PostSubject: Ryuu Odori   Mon Aug 08, 2011 12:46 pm

Ryuu Odori
Male | Sixteen | Trainer

Ryuu is a strong, independent young man. He is hard working and hold a never give up attitude to pokemon battling. He holds all Pokemon in the highest regards of respect. He would be nothing without Pokemon and he knows the fact to be true. He is confident in his skills as a Trainer of Pokemon, he favors Dragon type Pokemon, although he will capture, train and battle with any given type. He believes all Pokemon have Potential, it's just how they are trained, given the right type of trainer any Pokemon can become strong in his opinion. Ryuu is friendly once you get to know him, although respect is a major part of his friendship, Ryuu will only make friends with those he deems worthy of his respect. He is all about Pokemon and is never seen without one at his side. He loves Pokemon and would never severe a bond with any Pokemon or friend. Ryuu although he holds many friends, is rarely seen with them. He prefers to travel alone with his Pokemon. He is also a very hard man to get a hold of as he drifts from city to city.
Born in the town of Blackthorn, Ryuu had always been interested in the myths of Dragon pokemon. He was born to a couple who had lived in Blackthorn their whole lives. His father was a Dragon Tamer and his mother worked in the market of the city. This forced Ryuu's childhood to be spent mostly with his grandparents, they too were Pokemon trainer back in their day. They would often tell Ryuu stories of the legendary Dragon Pokemon. His life revolved around Pokemon from a young age. His grandparents in their old age couldn't continue their Pokemon Trainer days so in turn they began breeding Pokemon, something Ryuu loved to help out with. They were famous for the breeding of Dragon Pokemon, which they gave to the young Dragon Tamer's in training. Ryuu family were an active part of Blackthorn city and Ryuu would train to become a Pokemon Trainer with his grandparents.

Rarely ever seeing his parents, Ryuu would concentrate on training the young dragons instead of thinking about his parents, this was just his way of dealing with their absence. Ryuu showed great potential by the age of 13. Training up the dragons his grandparents had been breeding. He would often get attatched to the Pokemon and hated it when they had to move on to another trainer, but thats how it goes in the cycle of breeding. Ryuu's passion didn't lie in the art of breeding, it lay in the heart of battle. He wanted nothing more than to battle with his Pokemon, creating bonds that were untouchable, indestructable and immortal. The bonds Ryuu could create with Pokemon were unreal and his grandparents noticed his potential. After consulting with his parents, his grandparents left him the great news aged 15. They told him he could pursue a joruney of a Pokemon Trainer the day he turned 16 years old. A day Ryuu couldn't wait to roll round. The days turned into week, weeks into months and before he knew it, his birthday arrived. Ryuu was ready to attack the world and as a leaving present. Ryuu's grandparents had been saving and partially training a small Dratini. Ryuu's heart jumped as he was presented with the gift. The bond would instantly be created and Ryuu and his new found partner, Dratini or known to Ryuu as 'Tokkan'. They left for the new region of Kaiju.

Nickname: Tokkan
Gender: Male
Level: 5
Moves: Wrap, Leer, Thunder Wave & Twister
Ability: Shed Skin
Personality: Hardworking, Loyal, Respectful and Obdient.

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PostSubject: Re: Ryuu Odori   Mon Aug 08, 2011 12:49 pm


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Ryuu Odori
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