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 Daycare Info

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PostSubject: Daycare Info   Fri Jul 15, 2011 1:17 pm

Ok so basically this is a little different than the games. You leave your pokemon in the daycare, up to 2 but it doesn't cost money to take them out. You must continue the same topic for swaping pokemon in and out of the daycare and a mod must approve each and every swap so that no one cheats. To make things simple, your pokemon won't gain a level until three days, 48 hours has passed in real time. So every 2 days the pokemon is in there, no matter what level, it will gain a level. As for evolving, a pokemon will not evolve while in the daycare just like in the games, but you can still choose what moves it learns or doesn't unlike the games.

EGGS CAN NOT BE PRODUCED IN THE DAYCARE!!!!! I can't stress this enough, that is a Breeder class only ability, so quit your whining and make a breeder if you want to have an army of baby charmander.
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Daycare Info
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