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 Makai Kasai Akumiyami

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Makai Kasai

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PostSubject: Makai Kasai Akumiyami   Fri Aug 12, 2011 9:52 pm

Makai Kasai Akumuyami (Hell Fire Nightmare Darkness)
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Trainer Class: Trainer



Makai appears to be slightly older than what he is appearing to be in his mid twenties when he's only eighteen. He stands at an abnormal height of 7'5'' foot at 135lbs.

Makai has a large number of tattoos on his body but hidden by his clothes. Alongside these tattoos his body is covered in countless scars, burn marks, gashes and an assortment of other nasties wounds he has gained over the many years of training martial arts and sword combat. Makai have no baby fat what so ever on his body. His skin is sickly pale whiter than snow. He has muscle but not to large just the right size for someone of his figure.

Back of right hand:

Back of Left hand:

Right shoulder Blade:

Left Shoulder Blade:


Left Arm:

Right Arm:


Makai wears long black Hakama style pants with numerous pockets up the sides containing storage seals. Over his torso he wears a long black silk Kimono like top where the sleeves run fifteen centimetres past his fingers making them longer then his arms. The ends of the sleeves the fifteen centimetre parts have a light weight but durable metal inside the silk that when the sleeves are swung the metal can be used to block incoming weaponry. Makai can even use the ends of his sleeves to strike his enemy when in close range combat. Hanging from his shoulders he usually wears a long black Haori with the Kanji for 'shini (Death)' in bold and blood red on the back in the middle. Licking the bottoms of his Haori are white flames. Makai wears a blood red obi sash around his waist with four item pouches attached to the back each belt containing numerous items.

Makai’s hair is black as night and spikes off in nearly every direction. His hair is long reaching his ankles when let down. A few stray bangs frame his face. Makai usually has his hair done up in a high ponytail using medical bandages to hold the ponytail up. When held in the ponytail his hair reaches mid back. Makai’s eyes are black as night with no emotion what so ever in them. When one stares into his eyes all they see is an ocean of darkness with cold shivers running up their spines. His irises take the shape of blood red snake like slits.

Strung across his back is a five foot long five inch wide katana. Strung horizontally across his back belong the first katana is a four foot five inch katana that is three inches in width. Attached to his left hip five foot long five inch wide katana and a fourth four inch six inch long 4.5 inches in width katana.

Name: Fuujin
Type: Katana
Length: five foot long
Width: five inches in width
Weight: 50lbs

Name: Enraiha (Blaze Lightning Supremacy)
Type: Katana
Length: four foot six inch
Width: 4.5 inches
Weight: 54lbs

Name: Magen (Demonic Illusion)
Type: Katana

Length: five foot six inches
Width: 3 inches
Weight: 61lbs

Name: Tsukuyomi (Moon Reader)
Type: Katana
Length: 4 foot five inches
Width: 3 inches
Weight: 54lbs

Personality: Makai has a cold, calm and collected exterior allowing him to keep his cool and stay level headed in battle. He will assess the situation before making a decision on what he should do. He will never make a move without thinking through all the possible outcomes there is. Makai is nearly impossible to provoke through the use of words meaning he won’t be angered in battle and will always keep his calm, cold and collected appearance. Makai rarely shows his emotions in public or even in the private of his own company.

Makai dislikes large crowds and will tend to stay in the shadows away from company. When spoken to he will reply harshly and rudely to those who speak with him telling them to leave him alone. He will avoid all forms of human contact at all costs and won't speak unless it is needed. If he sees something about to happen he will let others figure it out before saying anything. In battle he is ruthless as he calculates all areas of his opponents weaknesses and will use that weakness against them.


Makai was born on November 9th in Halloway City into the largely known Akumuyami family. The Akumuyami clan was a family known for its usage of Dark type pokemon and becoming feared for the usage of battling alongside their dark type pokemon. Thoose born of the Akumuyami family from the moment they turned five were trained in numerous styles of martial arts and were taught how to use a specific weapon to be used to fight alongside their own pokemon when they recieve them. It was a known tradition that those of the Akumuyami family fought directly alongside their pokemon in battle instead of standing on the side commanding them.

Makai unlike most members of his family was always a silent baby just laying in his crib watching with emotionless cold eyes always calculating. Makai never cried as a baby just stared at you until he got what he wanted from food, to a nappy change to burping. His parents were always concerned with his actions but it was over looked numerous times and Makai grew up never speaking only when he wanted to always remaining silent.

At the age of five Makai started to learn different styles of martial arts like most members of his family. Makai studied numerous styles of martial arts his parents wanting to prepare him for when he left on his pokemon journey. Outside of training Makai spent his time reading books in his families library never interacting with children his own age or others growing up alone surrounded by books. Most of the time he was like a ghost rarely ever seen except at dinner time or training the rest of the time he spent within the library reading up on anything he could get his hands on.

During his time at school Makai's grades were always at the top being called a genius at a young age. At school makai just stayed in class never making any form of friends with any students. When he was offered the chance to play he would glare and walk off telling them to leave him alone. His teachers tried numerous times to get him to interact with the other kids only to tell his teachers to leave him be and continued reading.

Makai graduated from his school at ten like most of his classmates. However instead of going out onto his pokemon journey he left town deciding to explore the world and gain some experience. He had decided not to return for eight years wanting to gather as much experience as he could. For eight full years he travelled the world from town to town country to country. During those eight years he studied extensively in the art of the sword learning to wield multiple katana at once using his swords to defend himself if he came under attack.

Sometime during his eight years of travel Makai came across a single pokemon egg. An egg he kept with him and raised taking it along his travels until it hatched sometime before his eighteen birthday. The egg hatched into a young Charmander who he named Hijin or God of Fire. During the last few months of his travels Makai trained along side his new companion training day in and day out with Hijin using a Tm he had bought to teach his new companion Flame thrower to give Hijin an extra edge against his opponents. As he turned eighteen Makai headed to Advent town in order to start his pokemon journey.


Pokemon Charmander - Name: Hijin (God of Fire)
Gender: Male
Level: 5
Moves: Growl, Scratch
Ability: Blaze: When HP is below 1/3rd, Fire’s power increases to 1.5 times.
Personality: Hijin is like its master and will avoid all forms of contact. If someone speaks to it Hijin will look away and will seem to tsk at them. Hijin when it is annoyed will expel flames from its mouth in an attempt to incinerate the annoyance. Hijin is close to his master and will do as he says regardless of the situations.

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PostSubject: Re: Makai Kasai Akumiyami   Sat Aug 13, 2011 1:16 am

Ok first of all...what's with the weapons? You know this is pokemon, right? Not Bleach or Naruto. I guess you can have them just to look cool, but you can't decapitate a pokemon or something, sorry. Although I do respect the amount of time and effort you put into names and such, you should check out a bleach RP. Anyway, back to the app.

The egg move and TM move are out, starters start with regular moves, no if ands or buts, sorry. I like the name btw, very unique. Also I took the spoiler out of your history bcs our spoiler system is messed up, not your fault so no worries.

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Makai Kasai

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PostSubject: Re: Makai Kasai Akumiyami   Sat Aug 13, 2011 1:21 am

I removed the egg move and tm move.
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PostSubject: Re: Makai Kasai Akumiyami   

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Makai Kasai Akumiyami
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