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 Naomi Kokoro

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PostSubject: Naomi Kokoro   Thu Aug 18, 2011 12:42 pm

Naomi Kokoro
Trainer Class:Trainer

Appearance:A petite girl with short blonde hair kept in a ponytail. She has shiny blue eyes the color of saphires. She isn't really short or tall, just regular length. (Petite though...) She wears a white short-sleeved collard shirt with a red tie, under a yellow long-sleeved sweater. (When its hot she takes the sweater off and ties it around her waist.) And then she wears a blue skirt... Yeah. OH! And old white sneakers. (And long black socks.)

Personality: She is very soft-spoken. Though despite that, she is very determined and sometimes tempertent. Though she never raises her voice... She is a tom-boy, she isn't afraid to hit some one or get in a fight. She is very stubborn and adamant. She almost never loses aruguments because she never stops arguing until the other person accepts her opinion. Though she isn't an idiot, she won't start a fight for no reason and will only stand her ground if it is for something she truly beleives in. Her motto is to never give up.

She loves pokemon of every kind, espeacilly bug types. One of the reasons she wants to be a trainer is to meet and catch many pokemon friends. She is also very reliable. She is always there for her friends, and thinks there is no such thing as being fashionably late. (Being late is NOT fashionable in her opinion.) She likes sweet and sour flavors best. She is also very clumsy and prone to injury.

She loves: Roller coasters, rock music, pokemon, pomegranates, the color blue, jumping rope, coffee, good love novels, and silence.
She hates: Bullys, loud noises, classical music, limes, the color pink, being upside down for more then 3 minutes, sports, and having to raise her voice.
She fears: Zombies, drowning, getting betrayed, spearows. (Hmm, nothing else!)

History:Born and raised in Viridian CIty, in Kanto. Before the second grade she was a very shy and timid child. She was constantly picked on and bullied in school. Until one day, a girl stood up for her. After that she decided she would be brave and strong like that girl. And she did, though she kept her quiet voice. They became good friends too. But, sadly, one day her friend died in a car accident. She went through a long period of greif gettting over her friend.

When she was a bit older, she befriended a Spearow that had made a nest on top of her house. She played with it every day, but one day she accidently tripped and fell on it. She appologized, but Spearows are very easily angered and it attacked her. It didn't cut skin, but she was pretty battered when she returned home. It caused some trust issues between her friends for a few months, and the fear of being betrayed. As well as the fear of Spearows. (Not Fearows, just Spearows.)

Later in her life, when she was about 9 years old, she wandered into the forest. She got lost, and after a while it fell dark. She sat under a tree and cried, when she heard a sound. Many pokemon, bug pokemon, came down from the trees and sat with her, until she fell asleep. In the morning, a Butterfree led her out of the forest. Which is when she fell in love with pokemon, espeacilly bug types, and decided to become a trainer some day.

The next year she became a trainer. She started with a Charmander, and did pretty well in Kanto. Though, knowing it was the strongest, she had saved the Viridian gym for last. She lost. It was a crushing defeat as her Charizard suffered severe injurys and died. She released the rest of her pokemon, and retired for a while. When she turned 15, she had finally gotten over her loss and wanted to start over. After hearing about the Kaiju region... She befriended and caught a Rattata, and took a ferry over. She has currently just arrived in the region and has contacted the Professor in Advent Town, so she can receive her starter kit and start a new journey.


Moves:Tackle, Tail Whip, Quick Attack.
Personality:A fiesty little rattata. She is quick to anger, and sometimes a bit bratty. But she is usually very cheerful around close friends.
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PostSubject: Re: Naomi Kokoro   Thu Aug 18, 2011 12:50 pm

Stupid Nuzlocke Runs.....lost quite a few of my pokemon like that..

Anyways enough rambling Approved.
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Naomi Kokoro
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