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 Tabbener Kaelan "T.K." Kavanagh

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T.K. Kavanagh

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PostSubject: Tabbener Kaelan "T.K." Kavanagh   Wed Feb 15, 2012 5:56 am

Tabbener Kaelan “T.K.” Kavanagh
Age:15,012 with the body of a twelve year old
Trainer Class: Trainer

Appearance:He is short only measuring up to four foot three and he has dirty blonde hair that falls just at his eyebrows above his dark blue eyes. He carries a brown nap sack or back pack as they call it now. He often wears plain white tee-shirts with jeans. He dresses normally however the only thing that truly sticks out about him is always hanging from his belt: a red sword sheath with a black obsidian sword made by his father sheathed inside it. He also wears a jean jacket and keeps his Growlithe outside of its Pokeball at most times.

Personality: He is a bit shy when it comes to new people and he is smart though doesn’t understand anything about today’s world or anything else like that. He has much anger built inside him in the beginning but later on he gets over this seeing his situation more as a blessing. He is very close to Pokemon and nature. He is not easily upset or angered and is well disciplined. He doesn’t usually hold grudges with the exception of his current grudge whom he doesn’t know who to blame or anything. He is quick to blame himself for things even if they aren’t really his fault. He is extremely hard on himself and pushes himself to succeed in life. He is actually a very gentle person at heart and will always try to do good as he has high morals. Being a swordsman/boy he is extremely disciplined and doesn't lose his cool too often. He is quiet and mysterious though he is loving and caring.

History:The story of T.K. Kavanagh dates back 15,000 years long or shortly before the creation of Pokemon. Growing up in a small settlement of only ten people T.K. didn’t get much diffusion, though he was the smartest child of his age. His father was the town blacksmith and was amazing at creating swords in particular. His mother on the other hand was the school teacher of the small settlement and a very smart woman. During his youth he was often bullied for his smarts that were due to his idetic memory and he only had one friend, Caitlyn O’Sullivan. She was a girl his age with brown hair that curled towards the bottom and protuberant crystal blue eyes. They often liked to explore a bit using their imagination as there wasn’t much around where they lived. His father was also an expert swordsman and often trained the youngsters. He trained T.K. excessively as he was a late bloomer with sword fighting however because of T.K.’s determination he became an amazing sword fighter for his age though he did have more to learn. He often used his shortness as an asset by rolling under larger opponents legs and what not. One day before he went exploring his father stopped him and presented him with a red sword sheath with a black obsidian sword and a leather-like gripping. It fit perfectly into his hands and made him feel warmer inside to be holding this weapon rather than the blunt swords or wooden swords they often practiced with. He hugged and thanked his father before going off with Caitlyn to explore with his new sword. Caitlyn was impressed by the sword immensely as she had gotten hers the year before as she was always a good fighter. Her sword had a sharp silver and steel blade with a golden handle. Where the blade and the handle met was a golden heart encrusted pink birthstone that T.K. had picked out for the sword. They played for hours out in the grassy fields until finally it began to get dark and then headed home to the settlement only find what their eyes could not believe. The whole place was in flames as bandits or mercenaries or whatever they were ransacked their settlement killing all insight. T.K.’s father had his blade out as he battled their leader in the middle of the flames. T.K. and Caitlyn drew their swords ignorantly and charged into the battle to help only to be quickly pushed aside by other mercenaries. T.K.’s fathers’ blade broke and T.K. went berserk as his father was stabbed through the chest and fell to the ground lifeless. T.K. bit the man’s hand who was holding him back and rushed forward ripping his blade from its sheath again and engaged a taller mercenary who blocked his path. T.K. rolled under his leg and sliced the back of his knees as he continued his way to the leader. He side stepped another mercenary and smashed the broad side of his sword against the side of the man’s rib cage. He eventually got to the leader and they engaged in battle. After about three minutes the man knocked the sword from his hands and him to the ground beside his father. As the man got ready for the kill T.K. grasped the handle of his fathers’ broke sword and sliced the broken hilt across the man’s stomach causing him to stand back. He and Caitlyn fled as fast as they could in the winter’s deep snow. It was cold and subzero temperature. The men chased them until eventually they came to a small cave that was filled with ice. They hid inside but it was no use they eventually found them and Caitlyn escaped. Though T.K. stayed behind and fought to give her time. He continuously sliced and lunged his sword until he became so fatigued he fell to his knees. Grown men moaned around him on the floor of the cave and with his last strength he pushed them out. He could see the moon high in the sky and he pasted out from the cold as the ground rumbled and chunks of ice fell. He went numb and in no time couldn’t feel a thing as he sat against the cave wall in a fetal position frozen solid until the day would finally come that he be freed from his frozen chamber. And so days turned into years and years to decades and eventually 15,000 years passed before the discovery was made. A Growlithe was roaming it’s newly found territory when it came upon a peculiar sight. The cave which the bay had been frozen in was long gone and he was in somewhat of an ice-dome. Intrigued and a bit scared the Growlithe used ember to melt the ice and saw the boy whose eyes were tight shut and his mouth trembled the words “Caitlyn” over and over again. His unkempt dirty blonde hair was covered in frost now and the Growlithe cautiously approached the human. Its head turned on its side as it examined T.K. with its large protuberant blue eyes and then it put its paw on the boys shoulder and licked his face. The boy shuddered and awoken quickly scooting back against a tree and then yet out a yelp. There was no cave wall behind him . . . he was in . . . a forest? The pokemon stared peculiarly at him as it turned its head on an axel.
“W-hat a-a-are you” T.K. managed and the Growlithe barked.
“A dog” he questioned and the small Growlithe rushed up to him licking his face and then turned on its way and rushed off behind some trees and stuck it’s head out from behind the trees and barked at him to follow. Hesitantly and reluctantly T.K. stood on his wobbly legs and almost collapsed grabbing onto a tree branch to keep him up. He unsheathed his sword and the Growlithe whimpered like a scared puppy. T.K. stuck the end of the sword in the ground and used it as a walking stick as he followed the Growlithe who barked again happily and pranced off. T.K. followed painfully not believing what he was seeing. It was a different landscape . . . a forest . . . no small caves or grassy plains. Then he came upon a similar sight. He exited the forest following the dog and he looked out passed the grassy field in front of him and saw houses and what not right where his little settlement use to be. T.K. much painfully walked all the way there and the towns people stared at the boy but no one approached him. He had gashes in his shirt and scrapes all over his body. Every muscle in his body pained him. The Growlithe stopped in front of a building and panted sitting on all fours waiting for T.K.. The dog barked as he approached and got up again pawing the door. T.K. nodded his head as he didn’t know why he was listening to a dog but he had lead him good so far . . . he pushed open the door and saw a lab. His mouth dropped as he stared at everything. He had never seen such things. Then a woman approached him and said “Hi I’m Professor Camelia.”
T.K. didn’t respond for a moment as his mouth was gaped and he was breathless. He felt like he was about to faint.
“T-T.K. Kavanagh . . .” he replied and then looked at her she was wearing clothes he had never seen or heard of before, “Wha-what y-y-year is it?”
“2012,” she replied, “Why?”
Speechlessly the boy limped with his sword as a walking stick over to the first chair he saw. He leaned against the wall as he sheathed his sword and he fell into the chair closing his eyes as he didn’t want to see this.
“Excuse me sir” said the professor and he opened his eyes again . . . he might not know what was happening but at least he could show some manners.
“Yes” he asked?
“Where are you from” she asked eyeing his clothing, sword, and his frost covered body?
“Here . . .” he replied.
“You can’t be I’d remember a boy running around with a sword” she said quizzically.
“The past” he said.
“Excuse me” she asked?
“I come from the past . . . I think . . .” he said. After a while of explaining and talking with each other the Professor came up with a theory that the ice had preserved him and kept him alive and what not. She seemed to understand it more than T.K. did. He stayed there for a month and grew closer to the Growlithe that had saved him. He stayed due to his lack of knowledge of the new world. Some of the towns people helped him adjust to the new world with the professor as well, though most were reluctant to help keeping to themselves. They told wonderful stories of pokemon gyms and adventures and tons of other stuff that T.K. found hard to believe most of it. It felt like a dream and he had a hard time adjusting to the new world. They explained how Pokemon worked and stuff but he wasn’t interested in studying them. The training intrigued him and he knew he would’ve been disgracing Caitlyn had he not become one. The Professor explained to T.K. how the Growlithe that saved him was a girl and wasn’t native to where they were. The Growlithe was actually the professors assistants pokemon though the assistant had a whole litter and let T.K. keep the baby girl Growlithe mostly due to because he couldn’t get it to leave his side. So T.K. left on his journey to challenge the gyms with his Growlithe that he named “Caitlyn” after his old best friend as they both had protuberant blue eyes and were adventurous. He still keeps his sword on him at all times as it’s the only thing that tells him ‘it wasn’t a dream’ meaning that it is the only thing tying him to his past. (Though he has the sword he doesn’t actually use it it’s just a momentum to him he isn’t going to decapitate pokemon or kill someone or anything like that.)
Pokemon: Growlithe
Nickname: Caitlyn
Gender: Female
Level: 5
Moves: Ember, Growl, and Bite.
Ability: Flash Fire
Personality: Caitlyn is extremely adventurous and hard-headed. She is very protective of her owner and is extremely loyal and playful. She loves to battle and is always looking for something to eat. She doesn’t like being in her pokeball much as she prefers to be out of it with T.K. at all times. She will go in a Pokeball she just doesn’t like it. She often will sleep next to T.K. where they decide to sleep. She isn’t extremely cautious and is very friendly. She is known for constantly licking people.
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PostSubject: Re: Tabbener Kaelan "T.K." Kavanagh   Thu May 24, 2012 1:24 pm

Approved if you are still interested anyways
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Tabbener Kaelan "T.K." Kavanagh
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