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 Teddy Takahaji

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PostSubject: Teddy Takahaji   Fri Jul 29, 2011 10:36 am

Tadao 'Teddy' Takahaji
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Trainer Class: Coordinator
Face Clain: Drew, Pokemon


Personality: He is polite, yet sadistic and seems to enjoy exceedingly violent horror movies. He is obviously exceedingly intelligent with a very high I.Q, and can easily discern other persons personalities simply from a conversation within them and how they act. However, he is rather emotional and will generally lose his head and go with his heart instead of his mind when in a crisis; Also, when annoyed he will sometimes act on impulse, not as a trainer but as a teenage boy. Chances are if somebody annoys him to much he'll hit them, not challenge them to a battle.

He is generally kind and helpful and it is said to be highly difficult to descern not only what Tadao's thoughts are, but also his motives. He is generally quite sweet and helpful, but can be blatantly evil if one ires him enough. He's good looking, but his nerdiness mostly retracts from this. He is mostly hidden behind clothing and coordinator books, so getting a good look is tough. He hardly speaks to people except to brag or to tell them what they are doing wrong, and generally dislikes those he deems 'unworthy' of his time.

Despite those odd personality flaws he seems to have a very hard time with harsh behaviour, rudeness, and loutish behavious. He will usually act calm and pensive, passive to a point and will never raise his voice nor show any form of anger nor weakness, even if inside he is. He is not exactly a social butterfly, he is almost always seen studying or reading a book for fun, and will generally only deviate from this path for a few minutes to deal with a situation before then returning to his book.

History: Tadao's parents were both former champion Trainers of many years ago, both of continents he frankly had never heard of, though now both are retired entirely and in their mid fourties. Tadao was raised among pokemon from a very early age, and grew to love pokemon and decipher each and every personality of the pokemon he met in and around his town, and would take great joy in following them into their homes in the trees and follow them through the gentle breezes, acting as they did. He would sometimes dress up as a pokemon and act as they did, enough to fool the new trainers coming to and from his town to collect their first pokemon and begin their journies, and many times he would have to be stopped from being caught like the rare pokemon he pretended to be.

As the years rolled by he entered the pokemon academy in Holloway City, travelling back and forth along with his father who would work in the city part-time to pay for his young sons education. This payed of effectively though, as Tadao was a bright and exceedingly intelligent young man, and performed very well in all classes and a passing grade in other classes in which he had basically no interest what-so-ever, but still managed to achieve high marks.

Graduate from the academy a few years early because of his near perfect marks made him even less popular, and he became somewhat of a social hermit. His only friends were his parents pokemon, and he craved for the day when he was himself allowed to train and befriend his own pokemon. Shortly after his twelth birthday, during which time he had studied harder than ever before to learn the ins and outs of all the known pokemon in the area, Tadao began to experiment with pokeblocks and poffins, at first he was truly disasterous, blowing up the kitchen in a comic fashion and setting numerous things on fire from such a simple task; However within a year he became highly talented in such an act, his talent winning him three reasons that year at local pokemon cookery shows.

He is currently about to gain his first ally and pokemon; Hopefully it will be his favorite starter type, Grass. He readied himself for the following morning, awaiting the time when he can finally become a pokemon co-ordinator and head off to show his former classmates what he truly is worth.


Pokemon Pasima
Gender: Female
Level: 5
Moves: Tackle, Growl, Charm
Ability: Own Tempo
Personality: Quirky, playful strong and extraordinarily heroic.
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PostSubject: Re: Teddy Takahaji   Fri Jul 29, 2011 1:26 pm

......... I love you<3

Ok You are


Also you can have Pasima!

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Teddy Takahaji
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